"Notre Dame de Paris" is the famous 19th century French writer Victor Hugo's masterpiece. 15th century novel about the bizarre life of Paris, compared with the way the author depicts a group of distinctive character of a lively, very artistic appeal of the characters to disputes between the complicated contradictions and tragic fate of a rich complex analysis of the human world.

  First of all the images is a group of Gypsy girl Esmeralda and Qiaozhong more people Kaxi Mo. 16-year-old Esmeralda beauty, pure good and Nenggeshanwu, but in society at that time, such as a flower of life is extremely conservative in the decadent forces of destruction of the church under a pity to Yunmie. 20-year-old Ka Ximo more appearance Qichou very serious disability so that he came to the world it was the first family, and then the whole community is abandoned. But the ugly appearance, he has a beautiful purity of the soul, and his innocence doped slightest impurity love guarding Esmeralda, trying to make her away from all harm. Can be a powerful social prejudice and the forces of evil before, the power of the individual is insignificant, the intrepid Kaxi Mo, the last and only choice Xunqing outcome of this tragedy. The two entangled with the main character has a tragic background, appearance on the great contrast can not hide their total innocence of the kind-hearted nature, such perfection in their nature to the United States and the shining, the other characters in the novel are exposed despicable Nature.

  Notre Dame also Frola Fu Zhujiao in love with the beautiful Esmeralda, but he and Kaxi Mo has a number of poles apart from love, Fu Luoluo the sacred cloak of religious halo, Daomaoanran, because of heart Conflict can not become distorted until the soul, full of evil to destroy the ultimate destruction of the Esmeralda, also destroying their own. Hugo's attitude to Beitianminren profound analysis of the figures this dark twisted soul. The other two characteristics figures, only one is a gorgeous appearance, but a pack of rotten heart of the Fu Bisi Rang captain - a rough, shallow, the Playboy, he played extremely bad means of a Chiqing love Ismaila Of the other person is Georgia Lang ancient poet Lapo Wolfowitz, a Gouqietousheng the cracks in the guy, in order to survive can be abandoned love and abandon the dignity and abandon the responsibility of the authors of these two figures about the same despicable and full of sarcasm.

  This novel not only from the humanitarian community to expose the dark at the time of the essence, tell us a lot more profound truth of life: First of all, a person's appearance does not decide everything. Heart than appearance before playing a more important role. People can not chase looks over the United States, the soul of our life is pure and sincere need to have. Similarly, a person must also measure the intrinsic quality of his departure, not Yimaoquren. Because of the ugly appearance, it may be hidden in a fiery pure soul; handsome beautiful face, may also buried the Wochuo disgraceful, despicable distortion of people's minds. This is, in the novel who has been alive to do the example. Their results, but also to our warning. Secondly, people living in the world, there must be a positive life ideals, goals, not yielding to Langdang abandoned, at any time, should have human dignity, to clear its mandate. Can not indulge themselves were the responsibility of the dirty soul. Finally, we learn to cherish the feelings between people: family, friendship, love…… respect for everyone around, and so do not let these wonderful life after the passing away of the bright spots regret. These, in the story who are showing us a thought-provoking negative tragic consequences.

  Finally, Hugo on the scene Xiabi qualities momentum, the figures describing the delicate place, sophisticated analogy, the best description of the details of the capture, gave novel grace, and the other people reading and cheered. These practices can also learn from our usual in writing, so that the article's more!