My Feelings after reading Wuthering Heights

  Wuthering Heights is a well-written tragedy of love. After reading the whole story, I would like to talk about the main characters of the story—Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff love each other very much, but they do not have the right attitude towards love, which leads to the tragedy.

  In Catherine’s life, she made a very foolish decision---marrying to Edgar. In fact, her love for Edgar can never be compared to that for Heathcliff. She did so, because she thought the wealth of Edgar would be useful to Heathcliff. But in reality, it did not work. She did not have a good understanding of love, which is something pure and saint. If anyone add any purpose into love, love itself lost its meaning. Catherine’s wrong decision hurt two people who love her, and even destroyed the happiness of their offspring.

  Heathcliff is a man full of retaliation. He loved Catherine very much, but what he did, on the contrary, added to the misery of Catherine. In my opinion, if he really loved Catherine, he should not walk into Catherine’s life again after his disappearance. Further more, after the death of Catherine, what Heathcliff did brought agony to Catherine’s daughter, as well as his own son.

  After reading, I have a better understanding of love. If you love really someone, his or her happiness is the thing that most matters.