Thanks God, We Have Computer Game Instead

  The story of Dr Jekyll is quite famous around the world, however, Dr Jekyll himself is a typical tragic person. He is a kind and wise doctor in front of the public, but might not wise enough to adjust himself. As an old saying goes: every coin has two sides. Dr Jekyll also has his own negative side, which finally become Mr. Hide. Mr. Hide is always hunger for violence, and all the bad things he did tell us that too. People may treat him as a criminal, but to me, he is just unable to find a way to abreact.

  It really doesn’t matter if you are a man lives in 19th century or comes from stone age, we are all people, we all have feelings, we all have our own Mr. or Ms Hide, the only question is, can you find a way to maintain your mental health?  Maybe we can’t afford to have our own psychological consultant, but we CAN play games to relax ourselves, or realize any wildest dream in this virtual world. Imaging this, once our Dr Jekyll has some evil minds, he can turn to his computer for help. Maybe he can play some action games to satisfy his desire for “passion”, just like people today. Since the video game is always about the adventures of some superheroes, the game will guide him to the daydreaming of everything good but a criminal. As soon as he feels good again, then he will never try to become Mr. Hide in the reality. Maybe you will consider this as a na?ve idea, but computer game does reduce the crime rate in America.