Earlier this year, a book on parenting memoir of the tiger mother battle hymn sensation in the United States, sparking a heated debate about education thought idea, this also caused wide attention of the Chinese people.

  The author Amy chua, a chinese-american, Harvard University, bachelor of arts and doctor of law, the Yale university professor. Approximate the sheep in Europe and the relaxation education situation, Ms. Chua in Chinese parents' high expectations and strict parenting to two children

  Finally two children are outstanding, learning and music are all very good, is the envy of achievements, locally known as music child prodigy. The tiger mother warsong "revealing the author experienced a course of raising two children and parenting experience.

  Read the book, page by page feel Amy chua education child's real and true feelings, amazing chua's devotion and dedication, experience the extraordinary Cai Meier and absolute, step by step into the joys and sorrows of the author, Amy chua and her two children image lifelike show in sight.

  Cai Meier writes:

  Become an "expert, actually there is no fun at all. Any skills to master, must pay the hard work. And from the nature of children, never love. Therefore, the beginning don't give them opportunities to choose don't work hard, it becomes crucial."

  "Don't give children choose not to opportunity", became the basic idea and starting point of the Cai Meier parenting. Nothing is born like hard. The children more love with open arms to embrace. American education special emphasis on respect for the child, often give children the right to choose. As a result, many children will choose to give up very easily. And as a parent, the most unfavorable to protect the behavior of the child's self-esteem, is to see their children gave up the attempt in the face of hardship, but their inaction.

  Don't give children choose don't work hard, is to help children choose to chance. Let the child choose a meaningful things, then concentration and strength to rush toward, perseverance. Actually, the process itself, the children can benefit from life. Develop children treatment enterprise "concentration and strength to rush toward, perseverance" attitude and will quality, this is the direction of chua's parenting. Don't give children choose don't work hard, this is really a parenting is the best choice. Strict management and supervision, it is Amy chua's parenting patterns, Chinese traditional education mode is Amy chua said.