Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale. It told us a wonderful love story. The poor girl, Cinderella, was ill treated by her step mother and self sisters. But finally, she got her true love with the prince.

  It made me moved because Cinderella is such a brave girl; she doesn't care about the gap between her and her beloved one. I learn from it that miracles are often created by our own effort.


  Today, I read a very educational story called "Cinderella." The main speakers of this story has a Christian name of the girl, lost her mother. A year later after her father married another wife, this woman brought to her two daughters. Began to suffer from a Christian. One day, the king ordered to hold the ball, to the wife of Prince elections. Christian begged her to let her stepmother, but her stepmother is not how to give her. She cried again, a sudden, a fairy appeared in front of her, a fairy has changed very beautiful to her skirt, a pair of glass back to her. Christian went on happily to the ball.

  Finally, she and the prince in the castle lived together happily ever after life.

  Read this story I realized that, and be a good people, good people will