People always thought that probably as a human on the planet Earth is the most senior animal owners who dominate nature. Can be wanton destruction of the earth, nature mutilations. Also for the immediate interests of the greedy nature and the blood drained 、 the nature of the skin stripped 、 nature of the meat-eating. With the thought this will be what kind of consequences. Also claimed ignorance 、 elated to conquer nature. Sing really ridiculous. If another Ice Age in front of us, the humanity will be caught unprepared? Human nature can conquer? No, summer 2004 opening large - 《acquired》 given us a loud and affirmative answer to the question. This terrible disaster films told us an irrefutable truth - always dominate the natural person.

  "Acquired" the film depicts the United States as a representative of the Earth within one day suddenly nose-dive into glacial science fiction stories. In the story, climate scientists Jack. Hall observed in the study pointed out that prehistoric climate, the greenhouse effect brought about by global warming could trigger an unprecedented global catastrophe. Mainly refer to the destruction of the beautiful human nature, but by the serious nature of the punishment. Lightning 、 、 hail storm 、 tornado 、 hurricane 、 、 floods caused by global warming, such as the melting of Antarctic ice disaster befall humans, before human consciousness to know repentance may have been too late. In an instant because of the disaster emerged, floods, in the eyes; hail, in the eyes; all in the eyes of force majeure. Entry into the Earth's greenhouse effect will glaciation. Tornado 、 earthquake tsunami 、…… So you ask that the name will become a natural part of human life. In the film, you can see New York City inundated lens: the confusion of the crowd the air vehicle broken glass, followed by the floor, as high waves… you can see in the seaside holiday resort in Hawaii hit by the hurricane scene. This is the destruction of the natural consequences, and this is the punishment of mankind. For thousands of years, continually engulfed in the natural human body, should now enjoy nature of the pernicious consequences of brewing.