Lots of people may read the masterpiece called <Treasure Island>.

  This is an exciting adventure story about a poor boy who lives in a small inn, the Admiral Benbow, run by his parents in Black Hill Cove. The boy’s name is Jim Hawkins. One day, unexpectedly, he finds a treasure map which indicates the treasure hidden by the pirates in Skeleton Island. Then Jim, Dr. Livesey, Captain Smollett and his friend, with a group of sailors, set out journey for the treasure. After a short time, some greed sailors who are led by Long John Silver rebel for the map. These two groups fight fiercely. Evil can never prevail over good. Through each justicial person’s effort, Jim and Captain Smollett win the battle. And later then they go back home with the boat filled with treasure.

  At the end of the story, Silver runs away with one of the bags of coins, perhaps three or four hundred coins. Captain Smollett no longer goes to sea. Gray, Jim’s friend, saves his money and now is a half-owner and captain of a fine ship. Ben Gunn, who is marooned by pirates, gets a thousand pounds. However, he spends all his money in three weeks. Then he has to beg and luckily is given a job as a gatekeeper when he comes back.

  Though I don’t have a chance to adventure as Jim does, the face of Jim often appears in my mind. Jim is a kind-hearted, brave and ambitious boy. He can always find a good way to solve the problems or beat the pirates.

  And this book shocks me when I read this part: You are in trouble. Ship lost, treasure lost, men lost. And if you want to know who did it—it was me! I was in the apple barrel the night we saw the island, and I heard every word you said. And the ship? It was me who cut her ropes and killed the men aboard her……Why am I shocked? Because I can’t believe a young boy has such great courage to say those words, and this is admired by me.

  There’s someone I admire, and of course, there’s someone I hate, like Silver. What I can only find from the pirates are cruelty and selfishness. He kills people without mercy and even becomes crueler. His sole pursuit of treasure results in his red hand never dry.

  Although it is only a novel, the scenes of the novel always come to my mind. It gives me a lesson. We can’t be selfish, because the selfish one only focuses on himself and can commit immorality or even crimes when trying to protect his own interest. We can see the justice of the spiritual wealth from Jim.

  What’s more, in my point of view, we should save money in the bank instead of wasting it in our daily life. Wasting money is a bad behavior. The less money we use, the higher spirit level we will have. If we use up our money like Ben Gunn one day, we will be in a big trouble.

  As a saying goes, “No pain, No gain”。 If we try our best to do everything as Jim, I think we will make more progress in many fields.

  That’s all. Thank you.