This book and Jim hill eph to treasure island looking for treasure. Which I think Jim very tactful. He is a ten-year-old boy, accidental caught hill eph conspiracy and save the life of the upright, and cut off the Florida alone hill posterior, clever and our enemies. He tactful from here see come out.

  Hill eph deception. Pretending to be good to go with Jim they pretended to treasure hunt, biding co-opted the sailor's prepared to take with treasure, was rejected and brutally murdered companion. Hill eph gloom watch out.

  I love Jim tactful, we should learn from him.


  After reading this book, I admire the little dramatis personae very much. And it make me feeling more. Jim Hawkins was a timid and shy boy at first. At the beginning of the voyage, Jim was only a waiter in the cabin. But he was able to fight with enemys, and recapture the ship from the enemys at last. Although he was always prone to became actuation. His courage and insight that had been represented make me admirable. I have learned many things from him, like brave, resource, accommodating and so on. If we also have the spirit that Jim has, many difficult questions must be readily solved.