I think this book is fabulous!I thought this because it was full of adventure,death,excitement,and a little humor.I also thought the author had a strange but interesting desire to kill off his characters!I haven't read the whole book yet,but I have a dire need to find out what happens in the end. After I have read the whole book, it really did frustrate me because i didnt understand the hard old languages that were written in the book. I hated the ending of the story because you never really recieve some sort of a good feeling. I did learn that the main character , Jim becomes a loyal and responsible character though. Overall i didnt quite enjoy reading the "boring brick" but however i did fancy the plot. Now i have to write a chracter essay for Jim. But i dont know how i am going to get all the information on to one sheet of pa-pe-r.Personally i dont reccomend people to read this book if they are suppose to write an essay on it, but i do reccomend people to read this book if they are stranded on an island with nothing to do.