Remembered the childhood read "Emperor's New clothing" when which is but actually also dared by to say truth the child conquered, respected him extremely brave.Along with the age increase more and more thought as soon as such meets the matter, until a one day friend to me to say “which child doesn't have the thought”。I only then am suddenly enlighted! The adult (has thought person) not to be able to pierce this paper! Also cannot manage him is really the vacation, is to is wrong! Nobody can go to care about emperor to put on clothes! Can they care about are oneself consider is the honest person, even if is not the honest person.Now the society never is not performs “emperor's new clothing” anytime and anywhere, time and time again? Only was the child who stood is more and more few!


  In "the emperor's new clothes", the emperor was so stupid.He was from beauty, and believe that the two cheats, became their turtles in a jar.In this article, which makes me the deepest impression is to debunk the little boy, he is brave, finally let the two cheats in the prototype.I think, in life, we can neither do people like black and white and regardless of the emperor, also can't like a liar ill, to the temptation to deceive people, more can't like those flattery, in order to preserve our sanity, sell personality.We are going to like a little child, truth, justice in this way can our society a better place.