Today, I read with relish a well-known British writer Oscar Wilde book "The Happy Prince." Prince and Swallow book selfless, so my soul be touched and shocked.

  Happy Prince statue originally stood in the city center, his body encrusted piece of pure gold, and his eyes are two bright sapphires, there is a big ruby in the hilt on his hand upon her shining. Can to help poor people, who help in the Swallow, the film of pure gold and precious stones to give the people in need. Finally, little Swallow, frozen to death, while the Happy Prince has been removed due to dilapidated. They will be in the public statue of The Little Prince melts into the fire, the little prince how will melt the heart can not afford to, people he put the heart and the golden prince died of the Swallow are thrown in the trash. Although the appearance of the little prince is a statue, the heart is made of lead, but there is a pure heart, genuinely good. However, I can not, I fear of hardship, fear of pay, usually, in learning more afraid of repeated practice, do not want to delve into, so every time examination results are not satisfactory. I hope we learn from the Prince a good heart.


  快乐王子的塑像本来立在市中心,他身上缀满了纯金箔片,他的眼睛是两粒闪亮的蓝宝石,还有一颗大大的红宝石在他手捏着的剑柄上闪闪发光。可为了帮助穷苦的百姓,他在小燕子的帮助下,把纯金箔片和宝石送给了需要帮助的人们。最后,小燕子冻死了,而快乐王子也因破烂不堪而被拆除。在市民们将小王子的雕像放进火里融化时,小王子的心怎么也融不掉,人们便把小王子的心和那只死了的小燕子都扔进了垃圾箱。虽然小王子的外表是一座雕像,心也是用铅造的,但他内心深处却有一颗纯真,善良的真心。可是,我却做不到,我怕吃苦,怕付出,平时,在学习上就怕反复多练,不愿深入钻研,所以每次考试成绩都不理想。  我希望大家学习快乐王子的一颗善良的心。