The novel description is one year near sixty years of age senior fisherman, when alone goes to sea in one fishing, fished one big fish, actually did not pull. the senior fisherman socialized several days after the fish, only then discovered this was the big marlin which one surpassed the oneself fishing boat several fold, although knew perfectly well very difficult to win, but still did not give up. afterwards and further because in the big marlin wound fish fishy smell brought in several crowds of shark fish snatches the food, but the old person still did not hope like this to give up, finally highlighted encircles tightly, returned to the big fish belt the fishing port, lets other fishermen not admire already.

  When i read the senior fisherman think: here to the seacoast really was too near, perhaps could have a bigger fish in a farther place… when, i extremely admire this senior fisherman, because he by now already projected on some fish, but he had not settled to the present situation, but was approaches the bigger goal advance. again has a look us, usually meets one slightly is difficult, we all complain incessantly. we will be the motherland future, will be supposed to like this old person same mind lofty aspiration, will even better pursue even better, the bigger goal.

  When i read the big marlin start fast to gather round the young fishing boat hover, twined the cable on the mast, the old person right hand lifted up high the steel fork, leapt the water surface in it the flash, did utmost throws to its heart, one wail ended the big fish’s life, it was static static floats on the water surface… when, my heart also liked together the big stone falls. i extremely admire old person that kind do not dread, the relentless spirit, although knows the match strength is very strong, but he not slightly flinches, but is welcomes difficultly above. just because had this kind of spirit, the senior fisherman only then achieved this life and death contest success. we also must study senior fisherman’s spirit in life, handles the matter does not fear the difficulty, only then can obtain successfully was reading the big fish’s smell of blood is smelled by one crowd of shark fish, struggled swims snatches the food, old person’s left hand happen to in the convulsions, he only could use the right hand, with wooden stick, the mouth and so on all was allowed to use for the weapon self-defense which attacked, and finally expelled this crowd of shark fish. but the big fish’s meat was already eaten one most, but the old person also charmingly criticized oneself the left hand this work time actually was resting time, i also was subdued by the old person optimistic spirit. in the life, some losses are inevitable, we should treat by the optimistic manner, cannot be calculating.

  Finally, the novel sees by one youth the senior fisherman fully has 18 foot long big marlin in the measure, once more described this fish’s hugeness, explained senior fisherman overcomes the difficulty was big, non- was more common than. the novel eulogized the spirit which the senior fisherman fear hard and dangerous diligently did not struggle, we also should like his such, could not satisfy the present situation, should positively to above, do any matter all is relentless, meets difficultly must welcome difficultly above, could give up halfway in no way. only has this, we only then can obtain a bigger success and the victory.