I , one are little , the young inconspicuous female companion, bumps into the country nobleman field of vision owning the beautiful manor of antiquited but famous Man lump to Maikesi · Dewente one in being accompanying Madam Fan · Huopo to be wearing alarmed curling up with cold somewhat passive during the period of the Monte Carlo Wei orchid coast eats. "Butterfly dream " depicting to Madam Fanhuopo is to be full of humorous style's at the beginning of, personage being no lack of such nuns , Taoist nuns and female fortune-tellers in reality, but with foolish Madam Huopo who contacts such flawleFan .

  let us get a nobody vivid in front of rising but. Hyperbole in the sometimes has its peerlecharm , is that any other gimmick is so far behind that one can only see the dust of the rider ahead. Person always has contrast to have advantage's just now , "I" am really not outstanding or so , Dewente has to right away but under Madam reference Fan .

  Huopo's setting off, have paid attention to me. The orchid is not maybe paid attention to by person right away like putting in a basin of fragrant-flowered garlic by the side of Lent lily, but in putting in a basin of kind of cactus by the side of Lent lily, disregarding be effect which basin city to arrive at extraordinary dazzling the eyes starting from. Under having the background setting off like this, Dewente, this is bringing the middle age man who is full of a load on slef's mind along, shadow beginning to change intangibility keeping long in stock in his heart by paying close attention to coming me. Dewente is to pay attention to because of wife "'s "heavyheartedness" ", "impairment of the heart" arouse me with "passing away, nature honest good people's I, before begin for the first time and always do everything possible to want to avoid this one point when he is friends, do not always touch his heart scar's with Be carefull being holding twelve mark between the fingers. But, young I in self heart of hearts there are still curious , do everything possible to want to know still more partial. In I have not had experienced life very much Dewente is a representative nobleman in the Middle Ages's image in self's eyes,elitist , gloomy and cold , haughty and a little bit difficult to make up to. I am often to be lost in various fancies and conjectures one , like to enlarge happinebecause of position is low but then, am fond of the young girl who expands sorrow. Be mindful of personal gains and losses often being able to be used I self loses confidence to self, therefore, in my consciousness, we even be as trifling as it is the possibility ma-ki-ng friends.

  We are acquainted person being just two to rest slightly in the journey seeking the companion who talks's also only here.