My thoughts on the old man and the sea  A man is not made for defeat, a man can be destroyed but not defeated. This sentence has lingered in my mind since I finished the book” The Old Man and the Sea”  In the face of fighting with this huge marlin, the old man did not release the fishing line in his hands for three days and nights, and the old man did not flinch when confronted with attack of sharks, but decided to pick up the wooden stick in the hands to defend their own harvest.

  Such a tough guy image suddenly highlighted in front of me, which made me admire him and cheer for his strong mind. Challenge is of course nowhere in the present life. We need to learn from the old man who with a brave heart, in the face of challenges clenched his fist, rather than yield, avoid, and give up.  In the boundless sea, the old man was sitting alone in the little sailing boat, and seemed so small under the setting sun in the distance, extraordinarily slim.

  But the old man hadn’t caught one fish since 84days ago. In t such situation, the old man was still optimistic, looking at the sun rise and set, watching the looming moon, and enjoying the company of fish and birds, and talking with wind and water. He just became one part of the sea.  The sea, kind and beautiful, finally gave the old man a big marlin but the ocean was also cruel- lots of sharks came flooding to rob the fish, trying beating the old man and crushing his "glory". The old man's loneliness and happy were associated with the sea, through whom, the author enthusiastically praise the human’s bravery when facing hardships. So no matter how difficult the things are, we all can't give up ourselves.