I like this story’s heroine, the second Mrs. de Winter. Although she is so poor and doesn’t have an extremely pretty face, she has a very pure heart and she is also very kind-hearted. When she meets Mr. de Winter, her gentle and purity moves his heart deeply. Soon they fall in love with each other and even get married. Then they return to Mandalay, his large country estate. She is very sincere and kind to every servant. Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper of Mandalay, resents her having taken the place of Rebecca, the former hostess. But the heroine politely says to her“I do hope we’ll be friends. You must be patient with me. This sort of life is new to me, and I do want to make a success of it. ”And the heroine loves his husband very deeply, even though there are many troubles in their lives, her love doesn’t change all the time. I really like her goodness.

  I don’t like Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper. She admires Rebecca the former hostess morbidly and even tries to make troubles to divide Mr. de Winter and the heroine. At last, she perishes together with her cherished Rebecca myth. I think her action is very stupid.