Compared to other 9th or 10th grade books, the English used in this book is not too difficult, but many of the historical and cultural references will require additional research if you want to fully understand them.

  A Farewell to Arms focuses on a relationship between an American officer fighting for the Italian army and a British nurse during World War I. It therefore covers two of the most common topics in Western (and perhaps all of) literature: love and war. The book provides a first-person account of the Great War, which is a critical event in Western history, and it discusses some of the perceived cultural differences between Americans, Italians, Britons, Austrians, and Germans. Moreover, for those of you especially interested in writing, this book is famous for its direct, impassive writing style.

  Hemingway's straightforward writing style usually keeps the grammar simple. However, this also means that the book sometimes describes important events in very few words, so it is easy to miss something important.  Moreover, the book makes many references without any explanation—for example, references to Europe, European languages, and war vocabulary—which may make it difficult to understand without looking these up on your own.