The Wizard of Oz is about the adventure of a beautiful kind girl called Dorothy,who lived with Uncle Henry and Aunt Elm in the Kansas Plains.

  One day,a tornado carried her to a strange magical country,Oz.She met the scarecrow,the iron woodman and the cowardly lion there.In order to make their own dreams come true,they worked together and helped each other.Although they encounterd a lot of difficulites ,they achieved their dreams respectively in the end with their wisdom and peserverance.

  In reality,everyone has his own advantages and shortcomings.What we should do is to discover our strong points and give ourselves hope and faith.Many people,however, are unaware of their power and potential.In the story,the scarecrow hoped to own a wise brain;the iron woodman ,a beating heart ;the cowardly  lion,courage and guts.In fact, the scarecrow's brain is better than anyone else when the situation is very urgent and it can create many brilliant ideas.The iron woodman's heart is full of love.The cowardly lion becomes brave when he is in danger and even can fight the monster.

  Don't lose faith in yourself and your friends.As long as you persist,you will succeed .


  There was a girl called Dorothy and she is a lovely girl with long red hair. Because of a cyclone, she started her interesting adventures with her dog Toto. She made friends with a tin man, a scarecrow and a lion. Her friends had different weak points. The lion is a coward, the scarecrow had no brains and the tin man had no heart, too. But Dorothy helped them and at last, they got everything they want . The story is exciting, and I like Dorothy best. Because she is brave all the time. She was not afraid of the lion and she could shout at a lion. Though the lion is much bigger and stronger than her .  I think she is also kind. She was kind to everyone around her, especially her friends. That’s the reason why they can get what they want at last. All of their dreams came true and they were very happy. They tried their best to help each other in the way to the Emerald City. It’s a happy ending and I think Dorothy and her friend will never forget the experiences. So do I.