Read the "Insect", the book makes me very fascinated by the original insect world there are so many mysteries, I know: the early morning of cicadas is how to shelling; feces shell dragonfly is how to roll the Fenqiu; ants is how eat aphid secretions. Also clarified: "bollworm's son," is wrong, bee arrested budworm not raise as his own son, but arrangements for food for their offspring.

  The first reading of "The Insect," I do not know how's it attracted me. This is a description of their child-bearing insects, crafts, hunting and death Kepu Shu, plain text, fresh and natural; humorous narrative, the sensitivities tickled pink  humanized insects were lightly debut, how strange and interesting story ah! Fabre's "The Insect," so I do not have a sense of fantasy, those specific and detailed text, from time to time I feel a magnifying glass, wet, and stars, as well as the presence of insects smell, feel like being the same as at the scene. I have too long been neglected figure of the insect, and their arrogant to call and wanted to come at once, I would hold your breath, and then, by virtue of their dark through my mind. Yes Fabre, let me see the insects with our human life and death, labor and plunder and many other issues all have surprisingly similar. "Insect" is not a writer, created the world, which is different from fiction, they are the basic facts! Fabre life, every day is every night, alone, quiet, almost isolated loneliness and hardship. I looked up and the head, this moment, I would very much like looked up and my head, like the evenings, as they exist to treat the mysteries of insect. It makes the first time I entered a lively insect world.

  So I went down to see "Insect."

  Then read on, "Insect" is an interesting story: "Mantis is a very ferocious animal, but it just has the early stages of life, also died in the first few months under the claws of the smallest ants." Spider weaving, "that the use of the compass, ruler-like instrument, nor a designer can draw a better standard than this network of" a rich story made me imagination. Looked at looked at, these insects are gradually clear up, I ponder: If we protect the environment, not pollute the environment, these insects is not even up? Today's environmental degradation is not in the future would it be? I have carefully thought of this the relationships between, this time reading, "Insect" as I opened a new door.

  When I continued to read "Insect", I see the meticulous observation of caterpillars Fabre travel, I saw him, regardless of danger to catch the Hornets, I saw him a bold hypothesis, careful experiment, repeated deliberation process and the experimental data, a step step-nosed bee infer the role of time and lethal effects, firefly predation process, dealing with bees flycatcher prey approach, peacock moths, long-distance contact  an experiment failed, he collected data, analyze the causes and turned around again the next design . Rigorous experimental methods, bold spirit of challenge, hard-working style. This time, I feel that the "scientific spirit" and its profound implications.

  Entomologist Fabre in order to take care of insect pests of human nature, painstakingly wrote handed masterpiece, "The Insect" for leaving a rich human knowledge, taste, aesthetics and ideas prose treasures. It reads lively and humorous tone of relaxed, full of delightful taste. In the author's pen, like a miser willow Cerambycidae, wearing one seems to "lack of fabric," the short body tux; a small beetle, "for its future generations to make selfless sacrifices, broken hearts speak for our children"; poisonous spider bite was a small sparrow, also "happy to eat, if we are fed and slow to move, and he may even like crying like a baby." What a cute little creatures! Lu Xun's no wonder that the "Insect" enshrined "talk insect life" role models.

  I gasp in admiration Fabre paid for exploring the spirit of nature, let me feel the insects and the environment are closely linked, again makes me feel the author's originality and subtle observation. "Insect" Let me broad perspective, and look at a different point of view the problem, understand the depth of the problem will also be expanded beyond the traditional. I feel that "Insect" is worth a lifetime of reading books, I think no matter who, if carefully read the "Insect", read out the taste, read out the feelings, will be able to know even more.