"Insects" the book that I was fascinated by the insect world, there are so many mysteries, I know: how is the shell, cicadas, Shit how lang shell rolled dung ball, The ant is how to eat aphids secretions. Also the son of MingLing: "wrong," is not as nutritional bee caught his own son, but for their offspring arrangement of food.

  First read "insects" somehow it attracts me. This is a family, work, insects and hunting, plain text science books, pure and fresh and natural, Humor, provoking laugh… Note the humanized bugs, how singular, interesting story! The method of Boolean "insects", let I didn't dream, the concrete and detailed text, sometimes I feel a magnifying glass, damp, stars, and the existence of odour, if worm immersed in the field. I ignored for a long time, the insects and their rowdy, suddenly gather up, I hold your breath, then, with them through the darkness in my mind. Is the method of Boolean, let me see insects with our human life and death, in labor and looted many problems are similar. I lift up the head, at this moment, I very want to lift my head, like the sky, to treat the mystery of existing insects. It makes me first entered a vivid world of insects. Hence, I then downwards see "insects".

  Then look down, "insects" is a fun story: "mantis is one kind of extremely cruel animal, but it just might have life, and also the early in the GeTouEr minimum expense of ants under the talons." Spider webs, "which USES the compasses, ruler of tools, nor a designer can draw a more than the standard, the nets" rich story made me to extrapolate. Looking at these bugs are gradually clear, I thought: if we protect environment, no pollution, the worm is also in? Now the deterioration of the environment, and is in there?

  As I continue to read the insects ", I saw the method of Boolean meticulous observations of caterpillar travel, I saw him regardless of the danger, I saw him capture the hornets bold hypothesis, careful experiment, the experimental process and data weigh, step by step, that the effect of high nose needle with bee light.a effect, the process, catch flies bee processing method, the peacock prey of distance contact… Once, he failed in the test data collection, analysis and design, turned to the next. The experimental method, bold rigorous, diligent spirit of questioning attitude. This time, I felt the "scientific spirit" and its profound connotation.

  Entomology gates with humanity care Boolean hardships, write a masterpiece "insects", to leave a rich knowledge, gout, aesthetic feeling and thoughts of prose treasure. It captures lively, relaxed tone, full of abundant appeal. In the author's works like a miser, podul longicorn, wearing a seems to lack "short" body shape fabric dress, The little beetle "for its offspring to unselfish dedication for the children, broken heart," fuck By poisonous spider bites sparrow, would "happily eating, if we feed the slow, he will even crying like a baby. How cute little creatures! No wonder the "insects" lu xun "as a model of life" insects.

  I gasp for exploring nature of Boolean method of spirit, let me feel the insects and environment, and let me feel the originality and subtle observation. "Insects" let my eyes open, treat problems in a different Angle, the depth of understanding problems will surpass past. I think "insects" life reading books is worth, I think anyone carefully read "insects", read, read, can know more.