The novel described for the 20's through the perfect artistic form to sell "the American dream" which liquor nouveau riche Gates compared pursues vanishing, has promulgated the American society's tragedy. Gates and bids good-bye compared to and the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red love originally is the very ordinary love story. But the author makes a masterly opening move, compared to the girl which is in love treats as Gates the youth, the money and the status symbol, treats as * the method pursue wealthy material life "the American dream".

  Gates compares in order to pursue the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red to exhaust own sentiment and the ability and wisdom, finally ruined own life. He naively thought that, Had the money to be able to revive an old dream, redeems the love which lost.

  He was what a pity wrong. He looked at mistakenly black eyebrow coloring alizarin red this vulgar superficial woman. He looked at mistakenly on the surface the debauchery but the spiritual sky empty bored society. He lives in the illusion, is gotten rid by the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red, is desolate for the society, finally has cast the tragedy which is unable to recall. The Gates ratio is the 20's models American youth. His bitter experience is precisely the happy song smiles the dance "knight the time" the portrayal.

  The author has designed for the novel "the dual leading character" Nick the Carrow prestige. His importance is not inferior to the leading character Gates ratio in many aspects. He not only is the story narration and commentary, also is in the novel a important personage. He both is having the very complicated relations with contradictory both sides. He is Gates compared to neighbor and friend, also is the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red cousin, Tom's schoolmate, but also is being in love black eyebrow coloring alizarin red good friend Jordan.

  He acted as Gates to compare after the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red distinguishes the go-between which 5 years remet, the sympathy which also became which the Gates ratio to revive an old dream the criticism and he suffers kills. He although advances into to the Long Island luxurious residential district, but he already is not "wilderness time" which Tom represents inner world citizen, also is not worships blindly the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red which Gates compares represents to be separated from the reality the illusion world fellow traveller. He represents the American mid-west the traditional ideas and the moral criterion. He happiness illusion which loses compared to the pursue has many critical criticisms regarding Gates, regarding was fastidious the semblance but innermost feelings vulgar Tom and the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red has carried on fair whipping.

  After Gates compared to dies, former days guest did not make an appearance, the black eyebrow coloring alizarin red accompanied the husband to depart by far, Nick pertinent had pointed out society's false and the heartlessness, caused the reader compared to the American dream necessity which pursued to be disillusioned regarding Gates had the profound impression.