Such strong female, the but again is a such gentleness kind and considerate.She persists the ground to believe the rare gift of beauty of si and a's, even someone see with own eyes they hug together, also persisting the ground to believe them, protection si beauty.She knows perfectly well pain and sufferings that own body can't bear again to grow, but persist the ground to want to hope the gift to give birth to a child for the a again, end leave she loved the close relatives of the lifetime. 

Is really too great, looking at themeilanli, make me thought of much more Chinese ancient times females of, they are also such dociles, work hard in spite of criticism, assist husband and bring up children, then silent unknownly old go to and depart from this life. 

In the whole book, I is a rui for the person that like most especially.He is brave and persists, he can love the beauty of si so and deeply for more than ten years constant.He wants to protect the beauty of si , the doter si beauty, look after the beauty of si, let her everything feel happy, but the beauty of si refused.He says, again the time that eternal love also will dub out, but his love, drive beauty of si, drive rare gift of a , was dub out by the adherence that the si beauty is stupid of.His heart, die.When his daughter leaves him, his heart, return any further not to come.He says, he has always been to have no that patience shear the ground pants and sew and like, then tells the oneself this is similar to lately, just deceive yourself as well as others.Ground is ground, return and don't go to any further, even make allies, the top still stays the crack, is not originally any further that.