" The sorrows of Young Werther" is about a full of wit, love nature of Young Werther, alone a person to the castle peak valley of dawn twilight, Lu Village, he could indulge in this fantastic natural scenery, be happy and pleased with oneself. This cozy days before long, victor at a ball met a beautiful young girl, Charlotte, and deeply in love with her. But who also did not think of Lotty had engaged, her loyalty to her cannot bring himself to love to victor. This is for the passionate Victor a heavy blow, a series of problems attendant, he had to say goodbye to Charlotte, unwilling to leave. In the corruption of the society, he hit the wall again, soul suffering and loss, he once again return to the original village. Somewhere else! Charlotte married, kind-hearted villager is a suffer misfortune, his despair, at Ossie 's Elegy, a pistol at his head … …

  After reading this book, I sympathize with Victor, also very understand why he was so upset. But I also understand a truth: in life, we meet regardless what troubles, what the setbacks, not like Victor did choose to escape, the road of life can not be flat, not with an idyllic scene, we can never say never falling way, give up.

  In life, we can not avoid defeat, only to face. It is important in frustration can persist, never give up, until the defeat setback. Remember Liu Xiang unyielding speed, Chinese women's volleyball team unyielding indomitable, Edison unyielding courage? They have a common characteristic, it is believed that setbacks are part of life test. All of this tells us, never give up is a kind of character, is one kind of indomitable spirit, unyielding man.

  " The sorrows of Young Werther" is a good book, after reading this book, will be subjected to a baptism of the soul!