In this clear, crisply written story of his life, Benjamin Franklin shows the reader what his childhood was like and what he came to value as meaningful and worthwhile techniques of communication, conduct, and self-improvement. A conscientious and serious youth, Franklin nevertheless left his boyhood town because he had impregnated a young lady. This early act of responsibility led him to pursue work that led him, in the coming years of the American Revolution, to be a strong advocate of political independence, even at the cost of war. Franklin became as fine a statesman as ever the United States was to produce. One of the country's founding fathers and a tireless champion of individual liberty, he also served as the American ambassador to France. He tells of how he learned the printing trade and how he established "Poor Richard's Almanac." He also shares with his readers his hopes for the free country that he helped to bring into being. The reader cannot help but admire this brilliant and brave founding father, as much for his humility as for his services to his country and its future citizens.


  In this term, I read the book The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, in the book, he showed us what his childhood was like and what he came to value as meaningful and worthwhile techniques of communication, conduct, and self-improvement.

  Franklin was not in favorable growth environment, and it should be a relatively plain appearance. In 1706 he was born in North America, the home Top 15 of 17 children. His Father is involved in wax and soap as a small businessman, Franklin entered the school for about two years before dropping out of school because of family distress. Then he went to work as an apprentice in his brother’s printing shop, the apprentice days was very difficult, but he did a good use of the apprenticeship leisure time to study hard, and read a lot of books in politics, science, history and literature. He was also proficient in the use of French, Italian, Spanish and Latin by himself.

  In 1726 Franklin manages a printing factory, it was a great success which created a legend of the American dream, and he printed a huge impact "Pennsylvania". He invented the lightning rod, dual-purpose glasses, new stove and new lights. He pioneered the North American colonies the slogan that is "not join are the death" and drafted out the drafting of" Declaration of Independence "published in 1771 which changed the fate of countless people, and this book gave a description of its process of growth and exhorted the people to be positive.

  there are a lot of Proverbs in this book that Franklin felt in his life, reading this book is not only to feel the sentiment, but also to combine their training and humanity and then to improve ourselves, the book describes each chapter are a true portrayal of his life and tell us how to get all the perception which inspired me very much

  In his view, reading is the key to success. Book is invaluable he greatest joy. Books give us wisdom, strengthen our determination and let us have the wisdom of the trip of our life.

  Franklin attaches great importance to his own virtue. Therefore, he proposed to 13 requirements for himself namely: control, quiet, orderly life, determination, frugality, diligence, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity and humility. He has been trying to do that, though he cannot completely meet the requirements, but he was persistent. The people who can meet the 13 requirements can be called "saints" of the fact that people are rarely perfect, but it can pursue such a perfect people in the United States and Germany who have achieved great success. My goal is to cultivate these virtues in himself, so I think it is best not to try all at once, I think it is very difficult, or in a period of time focused on one thing for the good. I will cultivate this virtue into habit, and then in another culture. So I arranged for the virtues of moderation training at first, because it needs to stay calm and think clearly. This cool-headed and clear thinking is necessary; the only way to always be vigilant is to resist the inertia of old habits and curb the temptation. If we have the excellence we can get other excellence much easier in exchange.

  Also seen in the debate, Franklin was not humble when he was young, I often make that mistake, when there is no need to overwhelm people with very strong tone, although at the time it could have brought their own pleasure, but we need to understand other people's feelings.

  Franklin was revered as the father of America for his impressive image that can maintain a frugal life style of work for the public welfare and make immortal contributions, compared to my own and the majority of people we can knew how impetuous we are.

  I hope people will need: reticent, modest, frugal, more importance in the future to remove these bad habits, those things may be of great help to our growth. What’s more, I think it is necessary for everyone to by this book, which can have a better understanding of education, public utilities, as well as a human city, country effects.

  Benjamin Franklin once said this sentence: "In my view, the things can bring happiness to mankind is not so much the great golden lucky, might as well say is the convenience all the time around." I think these words were very inspiring words, not only those rare good fortune, while ignoring the little things around; but also this sentence is also very good explain for Franklin's invention of those who benefit mankind and the reason for he became a inventor .

  Franklin can make great success in so many areas which have a huge impact on the world affairs, should be largely dependent on his habits, very sorry I could not see his biography later life, perhaps he's more interested in some of my later life, in fact, people often like to see a brilliant side.

  After reading Franklin's autobiography, a deep sense I received is that people cannot be conquered by inertia, cannot be the original self-restraint. To move forward to what we should aim at.