“Gone With the Wind” is quite famous. The story happened during Civil War. Scarlet, the daughter of a farmer was beautiful and attractive. Before the war, her life was placid. But when the war broke out, her life changed totally. Her husband died of disease, and she became a widow. However, she was different from other women. She couldn’t bear wearing dark clothes and staying at home all the time. Just at that time, Captain Butler came into her life. They were very similar, both treacherous and avaricious, so they soon became friends. Scarlet had to feed the whole family, and this made her marble. Later on, Scarlet had her own factory, and was gradually disliked by many people because of her arrogance.

  Captain Butler was very wealthy and charming as well. He loved Scarlet, and before long, they got married.

  On the other hand, Scarlet had been loved by a man called Ashley for a long time, but Ashley had a wife, Melanie, who was respected by everyone, except Scarlet. Even after she got married with Butler, she still wanted Ashley.

  Some time later, Scarlet and Captain Butler had a daughter. This made Butler become a kind father. But their daughter died. From then on, Scarlet and Butler quarreled much oftener than before. Otherwise, when Scarlet met Ashley on his birthday at the factory, people saw them hugging, and this made Butler fly into a rage.

  Melanie fell sick and she was about to die. Scarlet talked with her beside her bed, and she suddenly realized that Melanie was her only female friend, and she loved her very much. She also realized she didn’t really love Ashley. But everything was too late. When she came back home, Captain Butler was leaving. Her tears couldn’t do any help, and she could only watch him leave.

  This story figured a lady who was fortitudinous. But the society made her play hard, and her personality was distorted. She only cared for money, and she didn’t care about other people’s feeling. When she finally regretted, Butler’s patience had been deplenished.

  In addition, Scarlet had a tag, “ Tomorrow is another day.” This showed that she was optimistic. When Butler left her, she also said, “Tomorrow is another day.” This sentence gave her courage, and made her feel much better. Maybe we should learn this point from her. No matter how difficult our life is, just face it optimistically, and tomorrow will be another day.