We have learnt "Anne of the Green Gables" for a long time. Anne, the little fairy with red hair has an optimism nature and a rich imagination. She always keeps a positive attitude. She had made a lot of jokes because of her innocence and fantasy, but her kindness and forthright also earned her friendship and true love. She loves the life, the nature and everything around her. This kind of love also rewards her at any time. Anne is an optimistic, brave girl. No matter what had happened, she always thinking about things in a good way.

  There is not perfume of flowers everywhere in a successful path. Anne’s childhood is unfortunate. She lost her parents when she was a child and had to be sent to the orphanage. We all know that orphanage is a terrible place. It means that you have no parents, no relatives; no people in the world will love you, even the nuns can not take good care of you. But Anne is still happy. She is na?ve and enthusiasm and full of romantic imagination. In her imagination, naughty streams under the ice and snow can laugh; rose can tell us a lot of interesting story. She also regards her own shadow and echo as two close friends and talk to them. When I read the book, I always feel warm about Anne. Anne’s dreams are beautiful and innocent. It’s a world full of imagination and romantic, full of wonderful and sweet, full of unprecedented magic and joy.

  However, due to her imagination and vanity, Anne met a serious of trouble. She constantly made mistakes and corrected them. Just as she said “since I came to Green Gables I’ve been making mistakes, and each mistakes has helped to cure me of some great shortcoming.” When she decided to stay with Marilla instead of going to college, she said “I’m just as ambitious as ever. Only, I’ve changed the object of my ambitions. I shall give life here my best, and I believe it will give its best to me in return.”

  Anne loves life, she loves everything in the world even a flower of nature, a tree or a grasshopper. She is kind to everyone, from her relatives to the strangers, from her teacher to her friends. She was crazy for knowledge and learning and her spirit of hardworking is moving. She is lively and lovely, rational and brave; full of passion that seems will never extinguish. Her kindness, purity, enthusiasm, and optimism won people’ like, won the teachers’ appreciation and classmates’ friendship.

  Optimism can lead people out of trouble. As long as you face the world with an optimistic heart, you will discover how brilliant the sunshine is. We should learn to smile, we should learn to imagine. We should always keep hoping and fighting. If we give the life a smile the life will respond to us a smile, and brings us hope. So let’s follow Anne’ steps, with a positive attitude to meet every challenge in the life, to across the obstacles and break through the hurdles, to fight for our beautiful dream