The Adventures of Pinocchio is a novel for children. It was written by the Italian author Carlo Collodi. It’s about the naughty adventures of Pinocchio and his poor father. An angel gives life to Pinocchio, so that he starts his adventures. If he wanted to become a real boy, he must pass the test of courage, loyalty and honesty. During his adventures, he cuts class for fun and treated because of greed. He turns into a donkey because of his naughtiness. Besides, he is punished. Once he tells a lie, his nose would be longer. At last, he falls into the belly of a big whale and meets Geppetto accidentally. After the adventures, Pinocchio finally grows up. He turns to be honest, hard-working and kind and he becomes a real boy. This story tells us that honesty, hard-work, courage and kindness are the most important to us.


  Love, can give new life; love, you can give people the sun-like warmth; love, you can give people unlimited happiness and joy.

  This is a story about a small puppet - the old carpenter Ze Pide will laugh cry a piece of wood can be carved puppets, and to obtain life as the son of a small puppet. T-shirt to sell the old carpenter for a small puppet school. But the little puppet bent on fun, deceived many times and experienced the frustration again and again … Finally, he fell into a large whale's belly, the old carpenter Pi Panuo meet with an accident, after this adventure, Pino Cao has finally grown up, he becomes an honest, hardworking, kind, has become a real boy.

  Although most of this story is about a small puppet setbacks in the process, but that the reader can think of this story contains a strong love. Pinocchio is no textbooks, old carpenter Pi Panuo own shirt for a book to a small puppet, despite their being affected by cold, but also with the greatest power to bring a small puppet happy, what a great father ah.

  My childhood, love is the mother, because she is always guarded, love me, but my father was only concerned about a few. As I was growing up, and gradually understanding father. Mother to the warmth of love, and my father but it is tough to love.

  Even my father's work very hard for me to learn he would not be negligent. As I progress, I did not praise, but only a "test better next time, for the best results of their own"; if I was losing, they will like the ancient emperor issued a "decree"; "next some point to do! "then that is a few long-winded, but at this time, in his words, not a lot of criticism, but about encouraging .

  In fact, every father loves his children are not directly shown, but from the heart silently hope that their children can be sensible, healthy and happy … for the happiness of children, although work to hard, do not complain a word.

  You cherish the love of your father. In the future, rely on their own achievements to return his father to express his gratitude to you and your love strong

  I learned from Pinocchio to be afraid of the difficulties and face.