The 《Anne Of Green Gables》is one of my favorite books.I was moved by the  lovely Anne's passion at her life.

  The author of this book called Lucy.Maud. Montgomery.She was born in Canada Clifdena in 1874 , who was good at telling stories. At her age of 15,she began to publish her poems. Later,she tried to teach in shcool to make a living.

  In spring of 1904, Montgomeriy sparked her inspiration suddenly.She spent two years creating the 《Anne Of Green Gables》,which has the village she had lived in as the book's background.It wasn't any publisher willing to publish her novel untill 1908.Later,the book was very popular immediately and it triggered a selling spree. Therefore,Montgomeriy drew the worldwide attention.It was written as fiction for readers of all ages, but in recent decades it has been considered a children's book. Interestingly, the writer Mark Twain also squeezed himself into the pile of letters to Montgomeriy. The old Mark.Twain said that he just felt miserable and lonely when he was in his sunset of life,then ''Anne'' lit up his life. '' Anne'' was an immortal character which followed the ''Alice '' and became a popular image of children.

  The 《Anne Of Green Gables》was one series of '' the World's Bestselling Children's Literature".  Lucy.Montgomeriy used her clean smooth, vivid and humorous style to tell us a story about a pure kindness, lovely heroine:Anne.   Anne Shirley was a girl with red hair, also with many freckles . Her mother and father died when she's very young. She got through several severe twists and somehow a couple were mistakenly sent an orphan girl instead of a boy, yet they decided to keep her.She was adopted by the Matthews on Prince Edward Island.( they wanted to adopt a boy at first )。Anne takes much joy in life, and adapts quickly,then she began her new life. She loved nature, fantasy and was abundant in imagination.Everytime,she just said what she thought about.Therefore  uncontrollable mistakes happened .

  The rest of the book told that she continued education at school, where she exceled in studies very quickly.She got true friendships with people such as Diana Barry (her best friend, "bosom friend" ), Jane Andrews, Ruby Gillis, and her rivalry with Gilbert Blythe, who teaseed her about her red hair , although he apologized  many times. Anne and Gilbert competed in class and one day Anne realized she no longer hated  Gilbert, but would  not admit it.

  Anne was very clever,fortitude and kind-hearted.She was straight and cherished the friendship very much.

  Anne got her friends with her love.She insisted herself on things with her stubbornness .She withstood her loneliness with her romantic and fantasy imagination from reality. The novel modeled a bright wonderful character just like sunlight.The poetic depiction of the nature and the rural life moved the readers all over the world deeply. The work existed about hundred years, and it conquered about 50,000,000 naive, kind heart. Anne's pure heart broke the nationality and age limits.She moved the world.

  For me ,the most of unforgettable part is that Anne didn't mind after she had herself misunderstood with her friend Diana's mother. Diana was Anne's best friend. Someday, Diana invited Anne to go to her home for tea.They drank and chatted with each other happily just like adults. Anne mistook fruit wine as juice,then gave it to Diana to drink .Actually,it caused by Marina's carelessness. Due to Diana's drunk too much so that her mom and dad thought that Anne was a bad girl.And they didn't allow Anne and Diana to play together. Anne felt very sad.But she did not hate them. Coincidentally, a few days after, a cold night, Diana's little sister got laryngitis.The situation was very critical, but people have gone to the town to participate in activities . Then Anne bravely undertook the responsibilities just like an adult.With the experience she learned before ,she took care of the little girl with Diana and another child . At last, the little sister got through the disaster. She rescured Diana's younger sister sucessfully. And she finally won the Diana parents trust.

  Anne was an genius of imaginenation.The usual scene immeadiately turned into some fantasy place after she gave these places some poetic name . Such as the ''Violet Trench'', ''the Pond of Willow'', ''Lover's Lane''. The Matthews family which adopted her was not very rich.Although Anne also desired to be like the other girls that looked

  and dressed pretty, she didn't complain. Without beautiful coat, she imagined herself like a princess and enjoyed herself.

  Matthew Cuthbert, the master of the Green Gables farmhouse.He was very shy .He dare not talk with woman except for her younger sister .But it is a very kind man, he was the first one that found the mistake.He thought Anne was full of hope and dream .He was very fond of Anne.Matthew treated Anne as his family member and love her so much. In the" Anne of Green Gables" last, Matthew died of a heart attack .

  Miss.Marina's temper was opposite to Matthew.She was a prim serious person and was very strict with Anne.She often had words with Anne at first.  But she love this is very like Anne although she was like a chatter without stop . Anne was admitted to study at the  Queen's college with her talent and hard work. One night, Miss.Marina wept very sad cause she missed Anne so much.Her school was far away from the Green Gables .Because she love her so much that she tried to be strict with her. " Scold is love" .It is the best example.

  《Anne Of Green Gables》 is one of the most sweet novel about the lives of children. Canadian writer Montgomeriy descrimbed a girl who had very distinct personality and rich imaginenation.And I love the wonderful scenery descrimbed by Montgomeriy,so I want to visit the place where Anne lived.

  She won the respectation not only by her virtue of hard work ,but also her love.Anne's eyes let me see the beautiful world,it seems like a poem or a piece of painting. Anne is like a flame which  lit up my heart! From now on, even if I meet despair, I will try my best to climb. Even when I into the dangerous desert I can also work it out,cause the world is wonderful!