"Don Quixote" in the novel the hero formerly known as Jiao Alun Suojihada is a township-kun, he read the then popular novel knights of society into the fan, and he is trying to imitate knight go Ranger. From his well-known antiquities in, find a pair of run-down incomplete armor, Don Quixote Delamanqia own name, but also identified a servant Sancho, and a neighboring village milking girl, named Du Erxiniya, as the service of a loved one whom his life. Then ride a skinny horse, away from home. Don Quixote is also, according to his mind the idea of the eccentric act to windmill as a giant, the sheep as the enemy, the victims of slave labor as a knight, a giant head as a wine bag, regardless of indiscriminate, hack chaos kill, sudden, many ridiculous things, his actions not only with people useless, and he is suffering a beating. After his last home bedridden, dying only understand the situation. He intestate, the only heir niece, such as married Knight, on the abolition of their right to inheritance.

  At first glance, "Don Quixote", I think it's just a ridiculous vulgarity of making, ownership neurotic "brave spirit" of the performance of most vividly in the book, people increasingly despised him. But a careful look, and felt that the book implies a kind of truth. The nature of people's most basic goal is to own desperate to make it happen. In the realization of the process, who super-skinny like a root-like sorghum bachelor knight-errant, who Strange Alliance Pina gentleman, always reflecting his integrity, good nature, it is humanity's most noble spirit, because it is too simple, and only sudden, a number of jokes.

  Miguel de Cervantes wrote "Don Quixote", the for the hit satire fabrications, the circumstances are bizarre people in the Knights of the novel and its adverse impact. Had intended to write a few short stories, was written was written, his own life experiences and ideals have written into their ideological content becomes richer and more realistic characters, until the Spanish society to the people portrayed disasters brought into Spain at that time that we understand and study the social, political, economic, cultural and customs of an encyclopedia. Miguel de Cervantes in "Don Quixote" in one hand and commented on the problems and expose and criticize the social evils on the one hand praised getting rid of punishing evil and promoting good, helping the poor and weak economic virtues, extolling the gold century style social ideals and goals . All these are common human feelings, it can pass through time and space, for every age, every nation has a sense of reality. Separated by four centuries later, is still moving forward to every reader. "Don Quixote" and appeared in nearly 700 personal objects, describe a very broad picture of life, true and comprehensive reflection of the late 16th century to the early 17th century Spain, the feudal social reality and expose the decline of the Kingdom of Spain is moving toward a variety of conflict, condemning the aristocratic class, shameless, weal and woe of the people expressed their deep sympathy. I thought: It is for this reason that prompted this work by the world in 54 countries and regions, 100 authors selected to become the best classic literature classics.