When people really want to go, and God just opened it cannot be denied that opportunity waits for no one, and it is not a passive, doesn't wait for you to analyze this, analyze that, considering this, consider that after a series of trivial events, then decided to do it. Perhaps it was a fleeting "Genie", which is the test of our courage and bravery, wisdom and spirit. But it does not mean that all things should not be considered, careful of personae dramatis, if that is the case, then we have to do with the ancient differences? Opportunity and a need to treasure, need to take advantage of the encounter opportunity is very "difficult", thoroughly to fully use, it is "difficult". How to better "perfection", is a priority. Starts mean, back out, rascally.


  The Cop and the Anthem is a very interesting short novel. It is written by O.Henry. In the story, a poor man named Soapy has no job or money. He wanted to go to the jail because he has nowhere to go. The food in the jail can feed him. He tried a lot to break the law so that the police would catch him and send him to the jail. He ate a great meal without paying the bill, he shouted in the street, he grabbed someone’s umbrella. But he failed, the people just didn’t call the police. He started to think. He thought it was the God’s idea to keep him out of jail. And just when he decided to find a job and live on his own, a police came and send him to jail.

  Sometimes the life is like a joke, it is very interesting. Just like Forrest Gump once said “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get”。 You never know what is gonna happen to you at the next second, So just try to enjoy your life.