When people really want to do it, God just happens to mean the beginning, and go back on, shameless the.

  Undeniably, the opportunity is the wait for anyone, it is not passive, not waiting for you to analyze, analyze it, consider this, consider that a series of trivial events, and then decided to do it. Perhaps it is itself a fleeting "Wizard", which is the test of courage and guts, wisdom and soul. It does not mean that all things should not be thoughtful, careful Clofibrate conduct, and if so, what we were in ancient times? Of course, opportunity and a need to treasure, you need to take advantage of, opportunities have come across are very "difficult" to fully and thoroughly to take advantage of, but it is "difficult." How to better "perfect" it is a priority.

  The policeman, not a claim has been given many opportunities than it? The cable does not do this than to understand what, just keep endlessly kept in mind for his so-called "target" to continue to play a life, "clown", never tired. And lucky him, the total in the "stage" has written "slip", but in the end was as a "joke", laughed.

  A "drama" in the end, which means another "Drama" begins. The police is concerned, only to routine; on the reader, but near the end; of life is concerned, only a small episode; of the writer is concerned, it is a good plot; on the audience, the only worthy of a ticket; on Soapy, it is a new idea of life close to, for he had the "ignorance" to pay, value is what he does not escape from his hand, he may be able to reverse the fate of the "Opportunity" and its contempt for the lessons learned in the final result.

  If he will blame anyone, so that he does deserve it; if he can only blame himself, then he can say to yourself out loud: "Three months, not too long, I will cherish and seize the time each day . well, in fact, did not run away, but I ignored. wait for it … … "

  Well, in fact, did not go far. Yes, a lot of happiness to dominate, the opportunity is one of them. Do not wait until God impatient, after all, he has emotions, give you played rough, then, as if too lacking in "human touch" of the. But their suffering.

  Cherish the people or things around them, they change every day, but we are too busy, did not see. Opportunity is like a chance encounter, a good thing. Take advantage of, the benefits of it to play the extreme, it is a "beauty" thing. A person's life will be all sorts of conditions, each of the significance of the situation is very different, very different. Select a different situation, a different life, a different fate, a different change … … So, we have to opportunity, "transparent", fully see, so that would not go astray friends.

  If the contrary, the outcome would be like Soapy: horror, realize that they have plunged into the abyss, the fallen years, shameful desire, despair, only poor intellectual exhaustion, motivation despicable.

  Not grasp the opportunity to meet, are fools; not met but know how to grasp opportunities is talent; both opportunities and understanding of how the event is a genius.