The Gift of the Magi is a short story wrote by O.Henry.This story tells that in the day before Christmas,a poor young couple exchanged gifts by sold the most precious thing of each,but resulted ordetracted, the two precious gifts all became useless things.While they got the most precious thing than any material objects——love.

  After read this story,I learned how to respect others’ love and how to love others.In this story,they all lost the most valuable things——Jim’s golden watch and Della’s beautiful hair. Behind this, I saw they loved each other infinitely.They loved their family, they let me feel that cold Christmas Eve has become the warm heaven just because of their gifts. If Della only took one dollar and eighty-seven cents to pick gift,this story will probably lacking of shocking, and also cannot cause readers’ thinking.

  In this materialistic society, people often use money to measure gifts.When bags of gifts which are packaging delicately in front of us,what can we see except empty and blank? Parents feel happy because of our simple greeting cards in their birthday,because of a few words of blessing.These gifts,simple but true.It can’t be compared with those which built with a lot of money, outlined by luxuriance. What clever gifts! In some sense, they are invaluable.

  Yes,in this materialistic society,some people think money is everything,the one who owns money,who owns all.No wonder a great amount of girls became mammonists,and want to marry richers;no wonder more and more men think that there is no true love,what girls love is their money. But I always believe sincere love is existed and it’s priceless. Even if you have millions of money, you can’t change it into true love. Maybe money can let you get some feelings from girls, but those are hypocritical. When you no longer possess vast wealth, the hypocritical feelings will ended and left you extremely painful finally.Jim and Della were a happy couple, although they were poor, living in short of money.In their hearts, money is not important, the important thing is the affection from each other.As long as they have it, they felt happier than any millionaire.

  Maybe some people will pour scorn on it and cannot understand what their done. If there is a good fortune and a sincere feeling in front of you at the same time, which one will you choose? I wouldn't hesitate to choose the later, because sincere feeling is priceless! I believe that true pay will have sincere return finally, and the one who have true love can have his or her happiness.

  Nowadays,more and more people have been pressed to lose their breath by the reality.They forgot the persons they love,and the persons who love them.We need to care about others,no matter how much money we have.What our loved one need is how our concern about him or her. In some important days,don’t forget to bring him or her some gifts.No matter what is it,how valuable is it,he or she would like it anyway.

  Because it is the gift of the Magi.