“Love is the best gift.”O.Henry told us,in one of his most famous novels,The Gift of The Magi.

  O.Henry is said to be the most gifted and famous American short-story novelist in the world.As one of his major works,The Gift of The Magi tells us a story about a couple in the low social class.With the coming of Christmas,both of them want to give the other a gift.As a result,the young wife,Della,sells her beautiful long hair to buy a platinum fob chain to descorate the watch of her husband,Jim.While at the same time,Jim sacrifice his most valuable golden watch to buy his wife a jewelled comb.

  To be honest,we have to say that it is an unfortunate accident.Both of them sacrifice their most treasured things for the other.But when things turn out,it seems that what they have done is meaningless.However,in the other way,although they don’t receive the gift they need,they receive the love from the other.And no matter what will happen in the future,they will remember that the most valuable is neither the long beautiful hair nor the golden watch,but the people who live with us.”Love is the best gift.”That is what the writer wants to tell us.


  "Gift of the Magi" is the O. Henry wrote an interesting article. It is mainly about the day before Christmas, the poor living in the apartment of la would like to give her husband Jim a surprise, but she is only one dollar octagonal seven, she knew it was not enough money to buy any good gift, so she cited to be proud of brown hair cut down like a waterfall, sell, and in exchange for the 20 U.S. dollars. Exhausted all of the individual shops, De la spent 21 dollars, and finally bought a simple white gold watch chain, which can be accompanied by a piece of Jim's gold watch. And Jim also wanted to give his wife a surprise, he also sold proud gold watch,

  Bought a la the envy of the long-awaited full set of beautiful combs for Christmas gifts.