The Spring Festival holiday, I read books in the " Robinson Crusoe ". I was deeply attracted to this book, it lets me realize Robinson's amazing perseverance and never yield in spite of reverses the spirit.

  Robinson is the hero of this book. In a navigation, Robinson riding in a boat ran aground near the island, the ship seaman and passengers were all drowned, only one Robinson was lucky to survive. His perseverance, struggle with nature. He relies on his own hands and wisdom, the use of guns and simple tools, rely through one's own efforts, support oneself to had played a desolate island life.

  After reading this book, I was deeply moved by the. A person caught in an impasse, could such a life full of confidence, the courage to face life, create life, it is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct. I understand that, regardless of when and where, no matter how difficult, not to be intimidated by the difficulties, we should bravely face the difficulties, overcome difficulties, and always maintain a positive, calm and optimistic attitude, to face challenges and bad luck. Only in this way can we, like Robinson, is always a winner.


  This book tells a story : Ralph Crewe lives in India with his little daughter    Sara . He is a rich man , and he to make his daughter study better with her come to London to Miss Minchin school . For a start , Sara has many books , dolls and beautiful clothes , her life is like a princess.But the death of her father changed all that.Sara became a little teacher,a little maid , often on the street.But she has not lost princess temperament and courage . Sara still optimistic in life.Finally one day , his father’s friends to help Sara , so she became a princess again . This story is very touching.In the book the hero Sara persistent quality worthy of our study . When you feel the boundless future , don’t get disheartened . To smile in the face of all . Not because of others’ evaluation and shake my faith . But to overcome the difficulties step forward , you will succeed . So , if you want to give up , must be important trismus go . C limb over the mountain , you will face the sea ! Read the《A Little Princess》this book, I harvest many others . These truths are so important , will accompany me all my life !