It's a short story by O.Henry that has moved me for a long time.Maybe most of you are familar with its name,that is,The Gift of the Magi.I have read it many times but every time I like to read it slowly and deliberately.I think "The Gift of the Magi"

  is meant to be savored.

  Maybe there is no necessity for me to repeat the main idea of the story.But I'm

  so fascinated with the short story that I want to retell it yo you,and to myself.

  It happened to a very poor but blissful young couple named Jim and Della in the end of 18th century in England.Because of the maladies of that society and the effect of  economic crisis,they worked hard but earned little.Life is very hard for them.Despite of this,their love to each other and the enthusiasm for life didn't changed at all.When Chrismas day was approuching ,Della used the money she got from selling her beautiful hair which she treasured very much to give Jim a fob for his grandfather's pocket watch.But Jim had already sold that watch to buy Della tortoiseshell combs to wear in her long hair,not knowing she'd cut it off.

  It appears that the gifts they gave each other have been useless.But I think they gave each other the best of what they had to make the other happy.Isn't that true love?We can image,in such rough conditions,as it said in the story,"Life is made up of sobs,sniffles,and smiles,with sniffles predominating."Its't absolute reasonable for them to be beaten by the misery.But the fact is that no matter how tough life had been,they would't lose heart.With strong faith and their love ,they did their best to make the other pleased."Whennever Mr. James came home and reached his flat ,above he was called 'Jim'and greatly hugged by Mrs. James."Maybe this account is the best description of their love and struggle against hard life.It was said that the povertier life is ,the firmer and truer love is."Actually,they'd given the very best they had out of love.

  "They are too foolish children in a flat,who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house.But in a last word,to the wise of these days,let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest."Said the writer in the last paragraph.Yes,they are wisest.They are the magi.Are there any reasons for us not to show respect for the young couple?

  I remind my grandparents.They have spent fifty years together.No romantic words,no stirring behaviours,just comman even pedestrian life.But I can say love exists in every detail of their life.They have gone through war period,three years' natural disasters,cultural revolution and so on.But no matter what happens,they are always considering for the other.Even now both of them have become old step by step,they still cared about each other.My grandparents,in my opinion,is a pair of lovers forever.

  Love has nothing to do with money,possession or status.It's consideration,tolerance and respect.It's giving one's best to the other even it means sacrifice.It's affection which connects two persons' hearts,and it's reinforced by adversities.

  Struggle against adversities.Nothing did they have,at least they owened love.Never give up as long  as love exists.From"The Gift of the Magi",from Jim and Della and from my grandparents,I have learned a lot about love,life and hope.